New Year, New You with Dr. Jacki Edwards

New Year, New You with Dr. Jacki Edwards

A new year always comes with new year resolutions to be a better version of yourself. If your new year’s resolutions are starting to sound like a broken record, Dr. Jacki Edwards can help! Dr. Jacki Edwards is a board-certified family nurse practitioner, diabetes educator, and lifestyle coach. She believes she can leave a positive impact on your life with her motivational lifestyle coaching. It’s 2022, start it off right. Check out Dr. Jacki’s four tips for accomplishing your new year, new you!

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A Year of Intentional Living

Instead of just accepting things that happen to you, take control of your year. A word for the year 2022 is intentional. Set your intentions in every area of your life: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, to foster overall health. Being more intentional can provide clarity on what you can control leading to a more fulfilling, positive attitude.

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Setting Specific Goals

Setting specific goals is very important for success. General goals of losing weight or being more active are not specific enough. A more specific goal would be to lose 20 pounds within a realistic time frame, like 10-12 weeks, or go on 3 walks per week. Dr. Jacki can help you set specific goals so you are more likely to achieve your goals.

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Aligning Your Intentions & Goals

Another way to ensure success is to align your intentions with your goals. Doing this will create focus on your goals and help make them a priority in your life. It’s easy to put new year's resolutions on the back burner after a few weeks of not focusing on them. Aligning your intentions with your goals provides you with a clearer purpose and a more positive mind-space for your goals.

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Ordering Your Steps

Dr. Jacki goes over all these important tips, along with her compassionate lifestyle coaching, and more in her new book! Keep an eye on our website to claim your copy and start living your life to its full potential!

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New year's resolutions can be overwhelming, but with Dr. Jacki Edwards you will see a clearer path to your results. Dr. Jacki’s lifestyle coaching has positive effects on the lives of many people. Begin your journey of a new year, new you with Dr. Jacki Edwards.

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