From Surviving to Thriving - Dr. Jacki Edwards Understands

From Surviving to Thriving - Dr. Jacki Edwards Understands

Dr. Jacki Edwards is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified professional life coach who understands what it takes to move from surviving to thriving. As a dynamic speaker and author, she has helped individuals and couples across the globe create more meaningful and fulfilling lives. In her books, she shares her wisdom and insights on how to make this journey successfully. Her advice is compassionate, empowering, and something that we all need in our lives right now. If you're looking for guidance on how to create a life you love, read on to learn more about Dr. Edwards.

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Renowned Author

Readers applaud Jacki’s ability to strengthen their relationships with God and remind them that He speaks to us outside the quadrants of the four walls of the assembly house.

  • Just Let My Soul Live - This book is a moving tribute to how God can turn even the most disastrous situations into declarations of faith and trust in Him.

  • My God Encounter Moments - This autobiographical account details several of the author’s encounters with the Heavenly Father throughout her life: beginning first as a young, lonely teen to struggles in career, marriage, and raising children alone.

And a new book release!!

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Empowering Speaker

Jacki's story is one of perseverance and hope. She has since used her story to inspire others who are striving for their dreams despite difficult circumstances or situations they find themselves in every day. Dr. Jacki Edwards believes that her life challenges and obstacles are not unique, but hopes to invoke faith and change in every person that hears her story.

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Mental Health Coach

Dr. Jacki Edwards serves as a bridge between patient and provider, working to educate those with chronic diseases like diabetes. She has been in nursing for over 14 years and will use her experience wisely by motivating patients towards better outcomes, while simultaneously teaching them how they can take care of themselves on their terms.

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Dr. Jacki Edwards, based in Georgia, helps individuals identify barriers, facilitate problem-solving, and develop coping skills to achieve effective self-care behavior. Whether through her writing, speaking, or coaching, Dr. Jacki Edwards cultivates a culture of compassion that helps motivate, educate, and support patients to reinvigorate their lives. Reach out to grab your book or schedule your session today!

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