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Jacki Edwards

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Jacki Edwards spent her early childhood in Savanna La Mar, Jamaica, the land of her birth. The eighth of eight children born to Albert and Hazel Edwards, Jacki has always exhibited fortitude and strength in the face of difficulties.

From my readers...

“This book has strengthened my faith in God. It demonstrated that praying alone is not enough but one should listen and move into action like Abraham did. He followed the path God set before him, without knowing where he was going. This is a great read and will uplift your faith in God.” 

– Anthony Edwards

“This is a great reader’s digest for Christian believers and reminds us that God is not aloof of His people. He speaks to us outside the quadrants of the four walls of the assembly house. He leaps from the pages to manifest Himself in our daily lives and today you could very well experience your God-encounter moment.” 

– Robert Allen

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My God Encounter Moments

 This autobiographical account details several of the author’s encounters with the Heavenly Father throughout her life: beginning first as a young, lonely teen to struggles in career, marriage and raising children alone. Despite what she endured in life, the author recognizes that God answered her prayers and provided spiritual advice to keep her motivated and feeling loved. 

The various encounters the author had with God hold true to biblical truths, while revealing the author in a personal manner. Her feelings, thoughts and emotions in witnessing God answering her prayers and comforting her in trials allow the encounters to be inspirational examples of the Father’s love for us. The author provides enough detail in each situation to where readers can see the conflict, God’s solution, and the ending result with each encounter.

The concluding chapter “For Your Glory…I tell my Story” is a rousing statement from the author about her life and her struggles, capturing one’s love for the Lord despite the circumstances of life. It is from a perspective of thankfulness for what was taught in trials and love for God’s protection and guidance

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Just Let My Soul Live

This is the story of the author’s tumultuous marriage to her husband and how she reconnected with God through this stormy period in her life. Her book is to bestow a message of hope to readers that God is present in all situations of life, even the stormy ones, and that you can overcome your circumstances only with God’s love and support. For a life story that is marked with several unsettling forms of abuse, the author makes sure to chronicle how God made Himself visible and ushered change into her life. There is a healthy balance of details about her abusive past and about her change in spiritual perspective towards her past.

The book is a moving tribute to how God can turn even the most disastrous situations into declarations of faith and trust in Him. The author uses her story to bring God’s presence to the attention of others, which will reassure readers that there is a plan and hope-filled purpose even in destitute situations in their lives. Readers will attest to feeling similar emotions that the author expresses and will be encouraged to follow the same path towards forgiveness as well.

Just let my soul live - Jacki Edwards

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